Jun 14, 2010


booked the flight. feel sick and scared.
but i booked the flight.


claire said...

oh wow. WAY TO GO ANJA!!! you know, a few weeks ago, i also took the plunge and joined the aquarium. me! surrounded by all those fish. i can't tell you how nervous i was. and panicky, nauseous and just plain scared. BUT honestly, it was all just fine. i think me thinking about how awful it was going to be was actually far worse than what it actually was. there were a few times I almost lost it; when i took a wrong turn and found myself face to face with a huge and ugly fish. but i just immediately looked down, took deep breaths, and kept moving forward. because that's all you really can do- just keep moving forward. you are going to be fine! just look down, deep breaths, and soon you will be in scotland. and imagine how AWESOME that will be.

aimee said...