Jun 14, 2010

manic monday

very early. very cold compared to last week.my son ist still sleeping, exhausted from watching last nights football game. three more weeks of school, then six weeks of summer holidays. we are all looking forward to it.
have apparently found new and exciting ways to sabotage myself: no booking of flights yesterday, instead frantic search for my son`s passport which has disappeared into thin air. will have to apply for new one today and do not know if it will be there in time. haha! unbelieveable, but true.
of course we will still have to book very, very, very soon. already having scary flight dreams, as usual.
this week i will not have much time on my hands to do anything remotely fascinating.
we have to move tomorrow, grab some of our stuff and go to an interim appartment, while they fix ours. hopefully two weeks tops, but still a hassle.
then bringing the car to its annual check, changing the tyres, preparing my son for his last maths exam this school year, etc, etc. nothing but pure delight ( apart from the maths thing, which is great because he loves it so much ).

and maybe, maybe, book a flight.

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