Jun 23, 2010

weird wednesday

have obviously gone crazy. booked another flight, this time to stuttgart to see my parents.
have decided that i need a testflight, all on my own, before the flight to glasgow, so that`s what i am going to do. am going off to stuttgart mid-july, all alone so that all the crying, pulling of hair, hyperventilating, etc. will not be witnessed by my son.
have bought rescue drop gum, although i do not trust it to help me one bit.
but hey, i might just surprise myself. maybe i will feel safe and sound with lufthansa, maybe i will sing a little song while on board or write a poem or invent something awesome.
you never know...

book for today: " conquer your fear of flying in 30 minutes " ( yeah, i know, haha:) )
song for today: dream on ( the glee version )
film for today: the rebound

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