Aug 14, 2010

once again

tomorrow my son is off with his dad for a weeks holiday before school starts again and i will once again pack my bags to go to the hospital on monday. i really hope i won`t have to stay all week and i hope that this will be my one and only stay in a hospital this year, am not very happy about this. i have so much to do, because- and this is the good news - i got accepted at the university to become an english teacher! just have to get the money organized ( and lots of paperwork ) , then i can/ could start in october, which would be so great, scary and inspiring:)
hope you all have a good week next week, i am sure going to try.


aimee said...

best wishes on your hospital stay, anja - I'm sorry to hear you have to go back. so thrilled to hear the news about your teaching position! that will be a good motivation to rest up and get well! xo

claire said...

oh so sorry you are unwell, but still, what a year!
yay you. feel better soon