Oct 9, 2010

back to school

after huge fights with the jobcenter, the social court, etc. for the money ( a problem that still isn`t solved) i have decided to risk it and to go back to school, that is, in my case, back to university.
i`m studying to become an english teacher and it`s all very exciting and lots of hard, but fulfilling work. am still, after almost 20 years, scared of the linguistics part, but am bracing myself and am very curious as to what awaits me in these coming autumn and winter months. my son is chuffed that i now have to do homework, too:) please wish me luck. i`ll certainly need it:))

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aimee said...

you are so inspiring, anja! congratulations on your decision, and for fighting to make it happen!

claire said...

that's such great news! yay you!