Dec 14, 2010

List it Tuesday & #reverb10 mash- up:)

prompt: what are 11 things your life doesn`t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1) sickness ( do as much as i possibly can to sustain my body)
2) stress (do as much as i possibly can to sustain my mind)
3) fear ( do as much as i possibly can to fight it)
4) claustrophobia ( see above)
5) self- loathing (get up every morning and say to my face in the mirror: you are indeed a goddess, the most witty and beautiful in the whole world. this should make me laugh, so it`ll work)
6) cold feet ( wear warm socks& shoes)
7) fat ( eat less and more slowly)
8) stupidity ( read more, don`t watch so much tv)
9) hatred (hate less, love more)
10)artichokes (:-) )
11)clutter ( organize myself)

my life shall improve dramatically if i get rid of all these things- especially the cold feet and the artichokes. looking forward to it...


Biomouse said...

*laugh* I love that artichokes and cold feet were the most important in immediate happiness scale for you-I swear it's the little things :) I'm in total agreement with the cold feet, and have been treating myself with lots of socks from to fight it (I'm so not a spokeswoman for them, they just have great socks, cheap prices, and free shipping). As for artichokes, send them all my way I love em! Have a great holiday season!

Stereo said...

Lol short and sweet. But why artichokes?!

Patti Murphy said...

Totally relate to the cold feet, but artichokes? Really?! :)

I think we all do so much better if we show kindness to ourselves. I should talk--my blog is full of self derogatory statements.

Loved that list and thanks for the comments.

cath c said...

excellent ideas for next year! thanks!

S.E.Minegar said...

very cool prompt. i might have to try it!

it sounds like a fabulous you will be emerging in 2011! how exciting.


i'm listing too.

Bonnie said...

I looooooooove ARTICHOKES ! They are among my favorite of foods ! :)

My LIST is up too ...

Jess said...

A fellow cold feeter! It's amazing the difference a soft pair of socks and fuzzy pair of slippers can make! Here's to staying happy, healthy, and WARM in 2011!

Happy Writing!

Karen M said...

Good list, but I think I'd keep the artichokes.

mrs mediocrity said...

great list. i am addicted to smartwool socks, my feet haven't been cold since i started wearing them. and i have very cold feet.

storybeader said...

good suggestions! I love the mirror trick! {:-D

Scatterbox said...

Artichokes have a saving grace in spinach & artichoke dip, which I think I can bathe in. Don't know if that use would change your mind, however.