Dec 22, 2009

blog challenge belated: best person: "my" male nurse

i met lovely people this year. people who made me laugh, who were kind to me when i didn`t expect it at all, who sent little presents and encouraging words. great people.
but if i have to single out someone, it would have to be ralf-dieter.

ralf-dieter is a male nurse on the orthopedic ward where i stayed before and after my operation.
he`s a big, comforting, bear-like man who gave me the best present one can have after an operation: a shower. he sensed that i was having a really bad day after a really bad night and he just took my bed,shoved it down the hall, told his colleagues that he`d be away for a while and whirled me into the bathroom. until then it was my firm belief, that the most romantic thing i had ever seen was robert redford washing meryl streep`s hair in OUT OF AFRICA. i assure you now, it is not. the most romantic, heartbreaking, gutwrenching thing for me this year was having this total stranger scoop me up and wash my stitched-together body and my hair with some crappy shampoo that someone had left there and that smelled of coconut. it was cleansing and healing in every sense of the word and that`s why i owe him and he`s my unsung hero of 2009.

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