Dec 31, 2009

blog challenge belated mash-up:best belly laugh/ best ad

now here are two very difficult things:

best belly laugh: as you all know by now, 2009 wasn`t a very funny year for me. there were lots and lots of tears, lots of despair. but i still had lots of belly laughs with the people i love and it is simply impossible to chose one. like the physiotherapist in hospital said: " laughter is a great way to train your muscles. ". i must think of that more often :)


best ad: now this one is totally impossible. i didn`t notice any ad, because i hardly watch television and wasn`t at the cinema this year very often. but the great thing about the blog challenge is that you can read and read and read for hours what other people have done, seen and found this year. so that`s what i did, i browsed the best ads and saw a lot of ads i had never heard of and had never seen. it`s like a studium generale, this challenge, one can learn such a lot and connect to people in the course of it, that`s just great.

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