Dec 26, 2009

blog challenge/ best aha moment

my two aha moments this year were very profane yet they made me so happy. they were baking moments. as hilda from saffron and blueberry put it so wonderfully : " yeast and i are not friends ". well, we still aren`t, but we`re closer than a few weeks ago. i love baking,but i was almost scared of yeast and now i`ve tried fresh yeast and am maybe converted:) the second aha moment was managing the dough for eclairs and profiteroles, which we learnt during the patisserie course.
it was great when the eclairs puffed up and looked almost like in the baking book in front of me.
a very simple thing,but a great one, as it showed ( and still shows) me that even though there are quite a few  things i cannot do at the moment, there are still a lot of things i can do:

i can still laugh and write and read and dance a little- and bake.

( third aha moment after reading so many blogs during the past two weeks connected to the blog challenge: i am not alone. it is indeed not embarassing at all to love GLEE at my age :), quite a few people do. which makes it even better, somehow...)

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