Dec 13, 2009

blog challenge/book/film of the year

i did not read many books this year, which is unusual for me. due to this year`s circumstances though, i.e. lots of pain i could not muster much concentration for reading anything other than magazines. so the books i read were light reading and very lovely at that.
the first one that comes to mind is annie hawes ripe for the picking, a lovely and hilarious tale about her life in liguria.
then i loved, and i mean LOVED bake by rachel allen, which is indeed a cooking/baking book full with recipes that remind me of what my scottish grannie and my mom used to bake for me when i was little and could not yet bake myself:)
and then there`s the film that i started this year with and that touched me profoundly ( and yes i recommended it to almost everyone): reign over me with adam sandler.
when the film starts you can already guess it`s quality and tenderness by the opening scene with the great graham nash song simple man. and it just gets better.

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