Jan 31, 2010

my scars are my body

i´ve been thinking about the theme BODY all month, finding it increasingly more difficult to write about it as the weeks went by.
the last few years i felt that my body let me down.
i was sick all the time, had three operations and countless infections and the pain at times was unbearable.
my body was in a state of war,my scars the proof for all the battles won ( and lost ).
i don´t trust it anymore. i don`t feel it anymore, it doesn`t belong to me anymore.
it belongs to the pain, the scars, the hopelessness, the fear,the anger.
it does not belong to me.
these are the things one cannot write.
these are the things one cannot think or say out loud.


Maysun said...

After reading this, I was reminded of this post -
For Gavin

Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

These are exactly the things one MUST write and say and feel without shame and even scream. Otherwise, they will fester, and you've had enough sickness. Light and air are powerful healers. Please continue to share. You will be the healthier for it.