Apr 18, 2010

a long week, more braveness and talks with the pilot

so much has happened during the last few days. i find it quite strange that the moment i`m tackling this fear of flying subject, a volcano somewhere in iceland spews out so many ashes, that i couldn`t fly now even if i wanted to. hm hm.

as for the braveness diary:

on wednesday i dared to go to another orthopedist in the hope of at last finding someone who will accompany me on the "spine- journey" . no such luck, i`m afraid to report, so i found myself being utterly devastated after talking for about 10 minutes for yet another doctor who doesn`t listen and doesn`t care. am not giving up though.

thursday was a big day for cinnamon rolls and braveness: the father of one of the boys in my son`s class, came by to have a long chat with me about flying. he`s been a pilot for over 30 years now and he talked me through the whole flying procedure, from check-in to landing, answering my panicky questions and gracefully ignoring me getting paler and paler as the flight began:)) this was a great opportunity for me and i cannot thank him enough for providing me with all this first- hand information. here`s to you, g√ľnter!

friday and saturday i didn`t feel very brave at all and all my braveness consisted of was ignoring as much as possible the awful state my body was in and getting up to do anything at all.

today is a better day and i`m on my way to another week of my little project, modest as it may be. once the volcano ashes have settled, i am planning to go to the airport where one of my partners friends works, to visit him and have him show me around, to get a feel for the place after 11 years. i will continue the braveness diary and give myself ( and you:) ) another prompt tomorrow.

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aimee said...

keep going!! :)