Nov 23, 2010

List it Tuesday/ Things I like to do when i`m sick

1) Feel sorry for myself:)
2) Drink lots of tea
3) huddle/ cuddle up in bed with warm cherry stone- pillows
4) read crappy magazines
5) watch stuff like Grey`s Anatomy to see people who are far worse off than I am:)
6) eat ice cream
7) eat soup
8) talk to friends on the phone
9) feel even more sorry for myself


Anonymous said...

Sounds like really good things to do when you're sick. I like to read then too.


cath c said...

aw, i hope you're feeling better!

L'Atelier said...

i hope you not sick,but if you are i hope that you will be better soon.
love your list!!! i do similar things, and i always always feel totally homesick when i am ill and miss my mother

Karen M said...

I'm with you on the tea. I go through gallons of it. And maybe a nice NCIS marathon if I'm lucky.