Nov 30, 2010

List it Tuesday/ Things I would love to do on this cold tuesday

1)have my peace and quiet:)
2)read a thriller
3) eat a chocolate cookie ( or 2 or 10....)
4)have warm feet
5)watch LIE TO ME
6)stop thinking about the grammar test next week
7)think furry, glittery and positive thoughts
8)be all zen- like and incredibly wise
9)bake the perfect tarte au citron


pluckychickenheart said...

Oh man. I could join you with the chocolate cake extravaganza. I want to be all Zen and S#$% too. So elusive.Im beginning to suspect the only thing that will get me there is a frontal lobotomy.

cath c said...

any of those would be nice.

aimee said...

may i have some of the tarte au citron? :)

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous photo ! Did you take it ?

Great list ! I would like # 9 and # 10 as well please ! :)

My List is IS UP NOW too.

queencake and titangirl said...

thank you all for stopping by.
pluckychickenheart: no lobotomy for me, just zen:)))
cath c: think so, too....
aimee: of course:)
bonnie: yes, i took that photo. will check out your list right away...

Eden said...

Lots of things I'd like to do on your list!! Neat picture on top :D

S.E.Minegar said...

eat the cookies!!! i said yes to several just moments ago, and i am smiling!

i'm listing today too.

Nicole : Three By Sea said...

Sign me up for that tarte au citron! BTW-thanks for commenting on my list it post regarding my book addiction. I should clarify that those numbers I listed applied ONLY to my books- NOT all the books I buy for my son! I, too, am a fierce believer in reading to your children and instilling a love of reading!
Take care!