Dec 7, 2010

List it Tuesday/ The tuesday before the grammar test/my thoughts

1) why on earth did i want to go back to university again? somehow i cannot seem to remember:)
2) i thought i`d never have to write a test again
3) i feel kinda sick
4) i can think of a million things to do instead of preparing for this test, i.e. write lists...
5) it would be great to be rich and to do all this as charity work
6) i feel stupid
7) my kid seems to be smarter than me ( but then they always are, right:) ? )
8) this would be a good time to get drunk, but then i don`t drink, so that`s that over and done with...
9)to watch " the closer " will probably not help me understand german grammar. or will it?
10) there are so many excuses, but something in me wants to pass this test, no matter how
11)will i ever be a good teacher?


storybeader said...

I know how you feel about going back to school. Been there, done that... right? Good luck with the test! {:-D

pluckychickenheart said...

The answer to #11 is Yes. And by your writing you are already a good teacher. :o)
#10 tells me you are on the right track. :o)

aimee said...

when i went back to school, i said exactly the same thing! WHY...? and then i graduated, and i remembered why. stick with it!!

Bonnie said...

This list made me laugh ...sorry ! :) I hope your test went well !! You are very brave going back to school ... I admire you for that !

My list is up now ... can't wait for U2 see it ! tee hee

S.E.Minegar said...

you will be a great teacher! hang in there. questioning WHY is normal, i, i ask myself every day that i work toward my grad degree.


listing too.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the grammar test! And going back to university, wanting to be a good teacher are really admirable - good for you :)

cath c said...

the fact that you are examining all of these thoughts is exactly why you'll make a great teacher!