Apr 4, 2012

birthdays and rain

last week was a big birthday week. lots of cake and cards and a happy, but exhausted man.
this week is slower. university starts again next week and i am trying to relax, reading and listening to music, watching films with my son.
very rainy today, grey and dreary, but good for the plants.
a lovely and unexpected parcel from a friend came today. music for the heart.

Apr 1, 2012



A whole new freshman class
of leaves has arrived

on the dark twisted branches
we call our woods, turning

green now—color of
anticipation. In my 76th year,

I know what time and weather
will do to every leaf.

But the camellia swells
to ivory at the window,

and the bleeding heart bleeds
only beauty.
"April" by Linda Pastan, from Traveling Light. © W.W. Norton & Co., 2011. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)