Nov 30, 2010

List it Tuesday/ Things I would love to do on this cold tuesday

1)have my peace and quiet:)
2)read a thriller
3) eat a chocolate cookie ( or 2 or 10....)
4)have warm feet
5)watch LIE TO ME
6)stop thinking about the grammar test next week
7)think furry, glittery and positive thoughts
8)be all zen- like and incredibly wise
9)bake the perfect tarte au citron

Nov 23, 2010

List it Tuesday/ Things I like to do when i`m sick

1) Feel sorry for myself:)
2) Drink lots of tea
3) huddle/ cuddle up in bed with warm cherry stone- pillows
4) read crappy magazines
5) watch stuff like Grey`s Anatomy to see people who are far worse off than I am:)
6) eat ice cream
7) eat soup
8) talk to friends on the phone
9) feel even more sorry for myself

Nov 16, 2010

List it Tuesday/ Things that bug me about being part of a Patchwork- Family

Because of current events, i had to think a lot about this during the last few days and something that really cost me my sleep and my peace of mind. So my list today is something to help me vent- please bear with me.

1) I can never decide if I want to let my kid go every second weekend- I just have to
2) My son feels as if he has to choose, because his father has turned parenting into a competition. That`s not good.
3) I want the best of both worlds for my son, but very often this does simply not exist.
4) I have to put up with His needs, games and nastiness, just because he`s my son`s father.
5) I would just like to have a break from it all, but it never stops.
6) I have to get along with " the other woman ", no matter how she behaves, for my child`s sake.