Aug 14, 2010

once again

tomorrow my son is off with his dad for a weeks holiday before school starts again and i will once again pack my bags to go to the hospital on monday. i really hope i won`t have to stay all week and i hope that this will be my one and only stay in a hospital this year, am not very happy about this. i have so much to do, because- and this is the good news - i got accepted at the university to become an english teacher! just have to get the money organized ( and lots of paperwork ) , then i can/ could start in october, which would be so great, scary and inspiring:)
hope you all have a good week next week, i am sure going to try.

Aug 8, 2010


i am forty now.
i do not feel different.
i feel hopeful and tired and okay, but exhausted.
almost like every day.
who do i have to be?
who do i need to be?
who do i want to be?

anja. brave. happy. sad. melancholic, not depressed.
a poet, a baker, no candlestickmaker.
a good mum ( i hope ) a good friend, a good partner.
a puppy/ piglethugger, a west wing fan.
healthy and a little wise, calm and collected
disorganized and chaotic.
a foodie.
a reader and writer.
a fighter.

Aug 6, 2010

rainy friday

so much has happened here, i haven`t managed to post at all.
we have had to cancel our flight to glasgow as i was/ am sick and there is an incredible chaos here in berlin concerning easyjet ( and not just here as we gather from all the links friends sent us ).
so no scotland this year.
am sad , but hopeful that i will manage to get there soon after having taken the first hurdle.
my father had an operation yesterday, which went well, so i want to try and visit him as soon as possible.
first i have to go to the hospital myself next thursday, they can`t find antibiotics to treat the infection so i will have to stay in, hopefully not for long.
meanwhile: 39 for two more days, the big 40 is approaching:))