May 13, 2012


I got peonies today. Three lovely, fragrant peonies and the promise of a neck massage with lavender oil in the evening.
Today is mother`s day, but my son is on a class trip and I have to write a paper for university.
So I got peonies. It`s mother`s day but it is also a kind of anniversary. 
We have known each other for 8 years. That`s a long time and so much has happened and we are still here. Together. We make it work each and every day and sometimes it´s so hard and the world comes crashing in or the patchwork others come crushing in or I`m so sick I don`t want to do anything, just lie there and rest and he just wants his peace and quiet and not this messy girlfriend. Together. We giggle, we cry, we make things, we break things. We laugh, we walk, we are stubborn, we are inadequate, we are human. He surfs, I bake, he plants, I write poems, we are in this together.
And today I got peonies.