Sep 25, 2012

list it tuesday/ things that make me nostalgic

every smell that reminds me of scotland (wind, rain, sheep`s wool, the toasted cheese my grannie made), the videos of my son when he was small ( ah, the giggling!), duncan sheik`s song "serena", the movie beautiful girls, pain au chocolat, tuna baguette, victoria sandwich, the song "crazy mary" by victoria williams, margaret atwood`s poetry,the way my hair looks on old photographs, the notes my son wrote for me when he learned how to write, the bittersweetness of autumn colours, old letters.

Sep 18, 2012


From now until the end of 2012 I pledge to do the following:

walk more

laugh more

write more

let the sun shine in

bake new cakes

try to like brussel sprouts

plan our trip to france

be kind

be stubborn when it`s necessary

love what i have